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Step into the world of professional bass fishing with Captain Eddie Garrett's insightful fishing reports. After each excursion on Lake Fork, Captain Eddie shares his expertise and highlights from the day's adventures. Get an insider's look at the best fishing spots, techniques, and conditions on Lake Fork, helping you plan your own successful fishing trip. Whether you're a seasoned angler or new to the sport, Captain Eddie's fishing reports provide valuable information and inspiration for your next bass fishing excursion. Explore the world of bass fishing through Captain Eddie's eyes and start planning your ultimate fishing adventure on Lake Fork!

We got these questions a lot. Where is the best fishing on Lake Fork? What is the best time of year to fish Lake Fork? Can you keep fish from Lake Fork? Bass Fishing With Eddie offers expert guidance on the best times and techniques for fishing Lake Fork. While the best fishing spots can vary, spring and fall are typically ideal. Anglers can keep fish from Lake Fork, but there are regulations to follow, including a slot limit for largemouth bass. Join Eddie for a memorable experience and the chance to catch your own trophy bass!

Experience the thrill of bass fishing on Lake Fork with Bass Fishing With Eddie. Our trips are available for 4, 6, and 8 hours, targeting the prized Largemouth Bass. Prices range from $375 to $550, offering excellent value for your fishing adventure. With a maximum of 3 anglers per trip, you'll have plenty of space and guidance to reel in the big ones. Join us for an unforgettable fishing experience on Lake Fork!

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6/9/24 fishing report coverpicture

June 9, 2024


Lake Fork is a little over a foot above full pool. Surface temps is about 86 t0 89 degrees We've had a lot of rain lately. They have had some gates open for the past week. It is in good shape and fishing pretty good though. I love it offshore in June and July. We have been catching them on drop shots, c-rigs and big shaky heads. When we have good cloud cover the top water has worked well. These two months will produce some big one also. I would love to earn your business!
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5/12/24 fishing report coverpicture

May 12, 2024


Lake Fork is a little above full pool right now. It just keeps raining here lately. We're still fishing shallow right now. Top waters when it's cloudy working well. Which May is always the best month for these baits. Also Senkos and flukes fished weightless around flood grass has been good. We will start moving a little offshore within the next week or so on shallower humps and shell beds with drop shots and c-rigs. Would love to earn your business.
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4/9/24 Fishing Report fishing report coverpicture

April 9, 2024

4/9/24 Fishing Report

Lake Fork is at full pool and surface temps are 62-68 degrees. The bass fishing has been pretty good. We're still staying very shallow. The bass are in all different stages right now. Some have spawned and a lot are still spawning. Weightless Senkos ,flukes have been working well. Also catching them on a Neko rig . We're getting a lot of rain right now also. The topwater bite will get good soon as the surface temps reach 70 degrees. Walking type baits and swim baits will work well as the shad spawn should start soon. The frog bite will also shine in the flood cover. Book your trips now for late April and May. Would love to earn your business.
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3/3/24 fishing report coverpicture

March 3, 2024


Bassmaster Elite Pros just finished up a 4 day tournament here on Fork. The top 10 qualifiers fined today. All 10 anglers caught over 100 pounds in 4days. Which was a record high in Bassmaster history. Fork is alive and healthy. With the Later Feb. warming trend the are moving shallow fast and it will be a early spawn this year. Book your trips now because it's going to be a awesome Spring! I would love to earn your business.
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Lake Fork Fishing Report fishing report coverpicture

February 19, 2024

Lake Fork Fishing Report

Lake Fork is full and we're going to have a great pre spawn and spawn this Spring. Bass Champs derby was here yesterday. They fished a windy and North wind cold front. There were 3 fish over 10 pounds caught which was great. Going to have warmer weather now also for about a week and a half that I can see ahead. Bass Master elites will be here for their derby Feb. 29 thru March 3 and coming at a perfect time.They should wreck em! The spawn will be early this year. I still have some March and April trips available so book soon.Call or text me at 972 979 4850 or book online and get more info @
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2/13/24 Fishing Report fishing report coverpicture

February 13, 2024

2/13/24 Fishing Report

Ok folks the Lake Fork bass have started moving to the shallows for the pre spawn now. You need to book your February , March and April pre spawn and spawn trips now. These dates will start filling soon. Also if your coming from out of town or state you will need to book your accommodations before it gets real busy here. I would love have you and possibly put you on your personal best bass. Withe the lake being full it's going to be a great spawn this year!
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2/6/24 fishing report coverpicture

February 6, 2024


Welcome to Lake Fork. The lake is at full pool right now after all the recent rain. Surface temp is 49 -50 degrees. The bass are working their way to the shallows Red or orange lipless crank baits are choices to throw right now. Mid way to the back of the creeks are target places. Also points, drains and secondary points. Another good bait is a suspended jerk bait. We will start throwing plastics as the water warms a little. Don't underestimate February for a giant here either. Now is the time to book your February, March and April pre spawn and spawn trips now. I think this will be one of the best spawns this Spring that we've seen in a long time.
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1/18/24 fishing report coverpicture

January 18, 2024


January is a transition month here on Fork. Very few trips this month. We've just had a very hard freeze here. But the lake level is in good shape at - 1.70 low and surface temps are 47 to 49 degrees which is very cold. Moe rain coming next week and the lake should be in great shape for the pre spawn and spawn. Book your Mid Feb., March and April trips now while you still can get a preferred date. Also motel rooms will start booking up soon. I would love to earn your business will work hard to give you the best experience possible.
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Fishing Report 12/14/24 fishing report coverpicture

December 14, 2002

Fishing Report 12/14/24

Welcome to Lake Fork Surface temps are -2.29 ft, low and surface temps are 55 to 57 degrees. We're staying deeper fishing humps, points, road beds, and bridges. Drop shots ,c-rigs and spoons have worked best. Trips are slower this time of rear so T have good dates available. Also book your Spring trips now so you can get your proffered date. I am now starting to book Spring dates. .Would love to give you a good experience.
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Fishing Report 11/19/23 fishing report coverpicture

November 19, 2023

Fishing Report 11/19/23

The best bite has been shallower lately. Little cooler water temps will get the deeper offshore bite going. Tx rig, drop shot and c-rig has worked best Good dates available. Also cranks in the backs of creeks in 3 "to 5'. Book your 2024 Spring trips soon and get your preferred date.
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Lake Fork fishing report fishing report coverpicture

October 23, 2023

Lake Fork fishing report

Water level is -2.63 low and surface temps are 7 to 74 degrees. The Fall turnover is just about out of here and the fishing is about to get good. Right now we're fishing relatively shallow. Texas rig and drop shots have been working the best. I'm also about to move out a little deeper as the clarity is getting better, I love Late Oct. and Nov. Have had customers catch some big ones this time of the year. Book your trip now.
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9/29/23 fishing report coverpicture

September 29, 2023


Lake Fork is in it's Fall transition and the turnover is almost over. Love Oct. and Nov. Book your tip now and I'll try to give you a great experience