Lake Fork Fishing Reports

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September 29, 2023


Lake Fork is in it's Fall transition and the turnover is almost over. Love Oct. and Nov. Book your tip now and I'll try to give you a great experience
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September 19, 2023


The Big Bass Splash tourney was here for three days so all guides were off limits. Now that the tourney is over I'm ready to book trips again. ready to book trips again. With the cooler weather I thing it's going to be a great Fall here at Fork. I would love to earn your business and give you a enjoyable trip and maybe. even catch your personal best.
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August 11, 2023

Summer bass fishing

With temps over 1oo degrees every day right now I suggest early morning 4 and 6 hour trips.
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August 1, 2002

Fishing Report 81/23

Lake Fork water level is -.63 off full pool and surface temps are 95 to 97 degrees. Trips are slow due to the very hot temps but the bass fishing is pretty good. Top waters early then we're moving offshore. 18 ' to 26' on long points and humps has been the ticket. Big worms on shaky heads, drop shot and c-rigs the main techniques.
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July 13, 2023

Summer trips

4 and 6 hour trips now available in this Summer heat. I like this time of year fishing offshore. You could catch a giant.
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June 27, 2023


Welcome to Lake Fork Lake level is -.40 off full pool and surface temps are mid to upper 80s. The bass fishing is fair and the hotter it gets the better it will get especially offshore. This year I think July will fish like June normally does. We're basically just fishing offshore stuff right now. 15' to 22' ft. on long points, humps and roadbeds. The C- rig using a creature type bait in Green Pumpkin. Also a big shaky head with a V&M J-Mag worm in Red Bug and Plum Apple. The texas rig with a 3/8oz Tungsten weight around brush piles using a 8.5" V&M Wild Thang in the same colors. If we have clouds a top water walking bait will work around the shallower cover early in the morning. With this extreme heat I'm offering 4 hour an 6 hour trips. You can reach me by cell 972 979 4850 or book on my website As always thanks for reading my report. Good Fishing!
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June 11, 2023

6/ 8/23

Welcome to Lake Fork Water level is -.85 low and surface temps are 83 to 86 degrees. The Summer bite is picking up We're starting out shallow around bean trees and flooding grass with a weightless fluke and also a Vixon topwater walking the dog with it. Mid morning moving offshore 14ft. to 20ft. on humps, roadbeds, long points and ridges. Carolina rigging a V&M Pork Shad in Outlaw Magic color. Also throwing a V&M Wild Thang in Plum Apple and Red Bug on a Excite heavy shaky head. Also a 10.5'' J- Mag on the same technique. We will use a drop shot too on tough conditions. The warmer the temps get as we move along in June the better the deep bite will get. If you need a guide text or call 972 979 4850 For more info go to bassfishingwitheddie .com. You can also book online on that site. As always thanks for reading my report. Good Fishing!
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May 21, 2023


Welcome to Lake Fork Water level is - .63 and surface temps are mid to upper 70s. This Spring was one of the most inconsistent ones I've seen since in a long time. Lot of cold fronts in and out with flatulating water level was the main reason I think. We just didn't have the numbers on a daily basis like we have in the past. Good thing is the spawn fry survival rate should be awesome with all the new cover. We have been staying shallow all the way up to now. Lot of fish are starting to move out offshore now finally which is my favorite way to target them. Secondary and main lake points are where to look for them right now. Top waters early shallow on these points will work well. Carolina rig, drop shot, shaky head and cranking are the other best techniques to try. Shallower humps, ridges, road beds and pond damns also. It should start fishing a lot more consistent with more stable weather. As always thanks for reading my report. If you need a guide please contact me by cell or text 972 979 4850. More info or book online Good Fishing!
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May 1, 2002

5/1/23 fishing report

Welcome to Lake Fork Lake level is only - .95 low and still rising from recent rain runoff. Surface temp is 67 to 68 degrees after long cold front last week. This past April was one of the most inconsistent bites I've ever seen here. Just too many cold fronts with up and down temps. We're still staying very shallow using tx. rigged senkos and flukes for the most part. Some rigged wacky in areas the flooded cover isn't that thick. Their has also been a frog bite on some occasions with cloud cover but not very consistent. We're also throwing a short c-rig with flukes. There's still some fish spawning and we will see a another very small wave on this coming full moon on the 5th . I'm about to move offshore for post spawners. May is a very good month to fish Fork. Shad spawn on shallow points and shell beds early in the month. It's also swim bait and top water time on these places. which will be very productive. I also like a cig and drop shot very much this month. If you need a guide I would be happy to have you. You can reach me @ 972 979 4850 by call or text. Also book online @ Thanks for reading my report. Good Fishing!
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April 17, 2023


Welcome to Lake Fork Water level is - 1.15 low and surface temps are 70 to 73 degrees.The lake is in good shape and the bass are still spawning mid to South end. Lots of flooded vegetaiton from the planned water pull down last year to repair damn. We're fishing from 2 ft. to 8 ft. In and outside of the cover. Senko or stick type baits have been our best bite.There's a frog bite under cloudy skies in the thick vegetation on some days. Also there's starting to be a shad spawn on some of the shallower points.This will get better and better soon.Top waters, shallow crank baits and swimbaits in this situation. If you need a guide I have a few dates open near the end of the month. Also booking May and June for offshore trips. You can call or text 972 979 4850. Also book online @ Thanks for reading my report. Good Fishing!
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March 22, 2023

Bass fishing Fork. bee tough last few days on a cold front. South wind and warmer temps now. Their about to start chewing and its going to get good!

Client had a big one!
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March 12, 2023


Aubrey with a Lake Fork toad' today. She had one larger then this one jump off earlier. Congrats!