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Step into the world of professional bass fishing with Captain Eddie Garrett's insightful fishing reports. After each excursion on Lake Fork, Captain Eddie shares his expertise and highlights from the day's adventures. Get an insider's look at the best fishing spots, techniques, and conditions on Lake Fork, helping you plan your own successful fishing trip. Whether you're a seasoned angler or new to the sport, Captain Eddie's fishing reports provide valuable information and inspiration for your next bass fishing excursion. Explore the world of bass fishing through Captain Eddie's eyes and start planning your ultimate fishing adventure on Lake Fork!

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March 27, 2022

Welcome To Lake Fork

Lake level is - 6.16 low and surface temps are 48 to 51 degrees. I wasn’t on the water too much in January because it's just a slow month here. It’s also a transition month for the bass. They are now moving back into the creeks to start their pre-spawn ritual. February is a good Winter month to catch a big one here. We don't a lot of numbers of bass but they are good quality because they are full of eggs and heaviest. With cold water temps right now, a jig fishing on the edges of creek channels flipped beside the stumps is hard to beat! I like a 3/8 and 1/2 oz. in black and blue and green pumpkin color. A Strike King Rage Craw in black and blue is a great trail for the jig. I typically fish the creek channels in 6' to 12' of water this month. I also like throwing a suspended jerk bait in this cold water. The Mega Bass Vision 110 is my favorite. The Elegy color works well here. Also in the afternoons when the water warms some I like throwing this bait shallower 2 'to 5' on the flats outside the creeks and also in the ditches and drains. I don't like throwing soft plastics until surface temps hit 55 to 57 degrees. Its all about the night temps determining the surface temps in the daytime on the shorter winter daylight hours. I will give another detailed report as we get into March. I have good days available so book your March and April trips soon! With the low water level it's going to be a great pre-spawn and spawn here. I would love to earn your business!